hybrid tech superyacht
Yachting, Yachts

“You gotta feel it. It’s electric!”

Heesen Yachts have a reputation for innovation. In the past, they’ve built ground-breaking luxury yachts capable of exceeding the 50-knot barrier and rugged explorers that have traveled over 100,000 miles around the globe. Recently, they’ve burnished that reputation by building large,…

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Pouring wine into glass and background
Health, Wellness

Drink to Your Health

The health benefits of red wine have been debated for some time. Many believe that a glass each day is a valuable part of a healthy diet, while others think wine is somewhat overrated. Studies have repeatedly shown that moderate red…

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Hotels & Resorts, Travel

Spend the Night in a Sandcastle

Summer is over, but if you’re still dreaming of a beach holiday, consider a trip to the Netherlands. In celebration of the annual sculpture festivals next month in the Dutch cities of Sneek and Oss—which attract over 50,000 visitors annually—event organizers…

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Frothy Orange Pumpkin Ale
Food & Wine, Wine & Spirits

Pumpkin on Tap

Fall is the time for pumpkin spice everything, including beer! Over recent years, it’s become extremely popular and more breweries are rolling at pumpkin-flavored brew. Business Insider provides a sampling of the best pumpkin beers across a variety of beer style….

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Crocodile Skin Handbag
Fashion, Uncategorized

Exotic Leather Speaks for Itself

Call it the stealth wealth effect. With the excessive use of designer logos deemed a tacky exercise in showiness, exotic skins – with their unique markings and textures absent in cowhide – have risen in popularity as signifiers of luxury,…

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coffee art
Art & Design, Artists

This Artwork Will Give You a Jolt

Some people drink coffee, UK artist Maria A. Aristidou paints with it. “I use [watercolor painting] paper and around five different coffee blends,” she wrote in a blog post about her art. Fun facts about the artist and her unique paintings: Aristidou earned…

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Cars, Lifestyle

Tesla Model X Gives You Wings

Even having arrived with high expectations, Tesla’s new Model X electric SUV succeeds in a way that is likely to turn to the world of luxury SUVs on its cushy little ear. It’s powerful, yet whisper quiet. It has has cool,…

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Diversity of pastry
Food & Wine

So Rich You Can Taste It

If a Prada Saffiano tote isn’t in your budget, perhaps you can pick up a Prada torte instead. While food and fashion may seem an unlikely pairing (unless you’re talking about green juice and gluten-free), brands like Prada and LVMH are acquiring fancy heritage pastry shops…

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